This Week in Tech 640: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

DOJ suggests that phone encryption kills people. Facebook wants to see you naked. Apple gets ready for its best holiday ever. Twitter gets 50 character names to go with its 280 character tweets. XBox One X is the best game system out there. Bill Gates will build his own city. Car ownership will be a thing of the past in 5 years. Intel and AMD team up. Alibaba sells $25 billion worth of stuff in one day while America’s retail sector is tanking.

Meet Windows 93, a glimpse at what Windows could have been if Bill Gates loved LSD

Windows hit another milestone on Friday—just not a version of Windows that Microsoft had anything to do with. Artists Jankenpopp and Zombectro released the final version of Windows 93, a bizarre look at what might have been in the world of Windows if a young Bill Gates imbued a sense of fun (or pharmacology) into Microsoft’s operating system.

Windows 93 is an almost fully-operational version of old-timey Windows that runs in your browser. There’s even a short boot phase where the Windows 93 logo appears followed by the original PlayStation boot sound, because why not?

The project first appeared in October and the artists have been hard at work on it since. Although this appears to be the final version, a pop-up notice in Windows 93 says to expect more updates in the future.

The story behind the story: While Windows 93 is a lot of fun to play with it also reminds us just how much can be done in a browser tab. Windows 93 is very detailed. The Start menu works, programs open in their own Windows, and right-clicking on a program in the taskbar gives you an option to close it. Windows 93 also relies on a bunch of outside projects—as most software does these days—so check out the credits file on the desktop to see all the details.

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