New screenshots and update revealed for VLC Windows 8 app

VideoLAN successfully raised enough money via Kickstarter a few months ago to work on a port of the popular free media player VLC for Windows 8. Today, the team used that same Kickstarter page to give a development update for the Windows 8 port, along with the posting of some new screenshots.
The update itself says that while the team has made “tremendous progress” on the Windows 8 version, they still have “a bit of work to do before sharing it on the store”. The update says that in addition to adapting VLC to the Windows 8 Modern UI, they have also “cut down 90% of our symbols that are forbidden” when creating a Modern app.
The team is currently working on two tasks for the Windows 8 version, “make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing” and “write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in.” The team will then work on making the app work on Windows RT (ARM) and on Windows Phone 8.
As far as the screenshots, you can check out the new images below, including a new start screen for the app. Kickstarter backers should also receive their rewards “soon”, according to the page.

via New screenshots and update revealed for VLC Windows 8 app – Neowin.