You open you favorite photo editing program and it seems to be taking forever to do anything. You try to open multiple browser windows at one time and your computer comes to a crawl. When you play your favorite new video game you noticed it’s not smooth at all and is so choppy it’s like watching a slide show. Forget about trying to do any video editing, you get an hourglass for an hour and have enough time to go grab lunch down the street.

How do you know if you need an upgrade?

  • Computer becomes sluggish when opening multiple documents, applications, or windows at the same time
  • Video games do not run smoothly
  • CPU and memory intensive applications such as audio/video editing programs are extremely slow
  • When your computer has a hard time running newer applications, programs, and games

These are just a few of the potential signs.

NC Computer Tech can recommend what upgrades you may need to extend the life of your computer. While it’s good practice to delete temp files, uninstall old programs you don’t use anymore, and defragment your drive, it only goes so far in boosting performance. With that said, don’t get caught up with worrying about having the most powerful computer on the planet either. People still run Windows 8.1 and are perfectly happy with it. Keep in mind that many older computers can run Windows 10 just fine with some minor upgrades. If you have an older computer and you want some more snap out of it, upgrade what you have. If you do want a top of the line computer with Windows 10 or 11 we can build that for you. We can upgrade Windows and Apple computers.