Nvidia looks to ease plummeting Tegra sales with LTE 4i devices in early 2014

In a recent financial report, Nvidia says its fourth generation Tegra 4 sales have dropped dramatically in Q3 2013. Tegra revenues have plummeted 54% relative to last year’s numbers, according to the company. Nvidia’s CFO Colette Kress relates the drop in Tegra sales numbers directly to lower volume shipments of the Tegra 4.

The company is losing ground to Qualcomm, who has a commanding hold on the high-end Android space. Even though Tegra 4 will be onboard Microsoft’s Surface 2 and with a large portion of Tegra chips servicing the automotive industry, the lack of sales from the Android market is really taking its tole on the company\’s Tegra business.

However, there does appear to be some good news here. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has announced that the company’s LTE hybrid Tegra 4i chip will appear in devices revealed early next year and would ship in the second quarter of 2014 at the latest. The less powerful 4i is aimed at the mainstream mobile market and will likely help the company\’s mid market sales numbers.

While AT&T has now already certified the upcoming 4i, Nvidia will turn its focus to the Tegra 4 until the new LTE edition makes it debut. After HP made use of the chip with its 21-inch Slate, according to reports Huang mentioned that he sees it appearing more regularly in full size and desktop devices, as well as continuing its push into the automotive sector and other tablets.

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Unlocked iPhone users on T-Mobile can soon use LTE, Visual Voicemail

Those who unlocked their GSM iPhones and brought them over to T-Mobile before the carrier announced it would begin selling its own iPhones are receiving software updates today that make it possible for their devices to function on T-Mobile’s LTE network. T-Mobile posted a notice to its support forums on Friday (hat tip to TmoNews) outlining the carrier update’s purpose and benefits; the update will be available to devices over-the-air or via iTunes.
The main features gained by the update are HD Voice, the ability to use Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile’s network, access to the high-speed LTE network where it’s available, and access to the “4G” HSPA+ network. All of the above—save for Visual Voicemail—are only available to the T-Mobile or “officially unlocked” AT&T iPhone 5, though non-iPhone 5 users will also be able to receive Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) alerts on their devices after applying the update.
This update was not a surprise, but it’s still a pleasant turn of events for those subscribers who have been using their unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile’s network for years. Those devices functioned in a limited capacity on T-Mobile, and users were unable to take full advantage of the iPhone’s features. With the latest carrier update, however, T-Mobile is finally giving those users full support in preparation for its own iPhone rollout scheduled for April 12.
Update: We’ve been told that users have yet to receive this update.
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