Accidentally delete a file? Did you format a drive and install an OS but forgot to backup beforehand? Did a directory become corrupted and you lost data? Is your drive not being recognized? Maybe you have a corrupted RAID array?We offer data recovery services as long as your hard drive is mechanically sound. We can recover data from a system (PC and Mac) that can’t boot/power on, formatted drives, corrupted partitions and RAID arrays. Additionaly, we can recover data from USB drives, flash drives, memory cards, floppy disks, and ZIP drives.

hard drive
Data recovery tips

  • Stop using the drive! Data should be recovered as quickly as possible before being overwritten
  • Get the data recovery done while the drive still powers on and and the platters spin
  • Do not defrag the drive if you accidentally deleted files or noticed files missing
  • Do not run a disk utility/diagnostic program
  • Do not handle the drive, do not drop it

We have a high success rate and will try our best to recover your data and use every means possible to do so.