Accidentally delete a file? Did you format a drive and install an OS but forgot to backup beforehand? Did a directory become corrupted and you lost data? Is your drive not being recognized? Maybe you have a corrupted RAID array?

We offer data recovery services as long as your hard drive is mechanically sound. We can recover data from a system (PC and Mac) that can't boot/power on, formatted drives, corrupted partitions and RAID arrays. Additionaly, we can recover data from USB drives, flash drives, memory cards, floppy disks, and ZIP drives.

Data recovery tips
  • Stop using the drive! Data should be recovered as quickly as possible before being overwritten
  • Get the data recovery done while the drive still powers on and and the platters spin
  • Do not defrag the drive if you accidentally deleted files or noticed files missing
  • Do not run a disk utility/diagnostic program
  • Do not handle the drive, do not drop it
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 We have a high success rate and will try our best to recover your data and use every means possible to do so.
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